Why is English Important for me ?

English is important for me because it is my best way of  communicating, understanding and learning from people in different countries and important for my job, my education, and my dreams. I work in the center study of food nutrition and health, Research center of Hasanuddin University. I am staff of researcher assistant. English is usually used to make proposal and research report, make journal national and international. For example, five month ago, I was finishing a research report about food supplement for osteoporosis. My boss asked me to make abstract and journal in English, but I didn'n make it because my English was bad. And one month ago, I was making research proposal about cocoa for disease obesity and it needed some references from English textbook. I made it difficulty.
English is also important for my education. I finished my master program and I registered to doctoral program. If  I want to get in the doctoral program, i need 500-600 point TOEFL score.
English is important to get my dreams. I want to be a lecture and be a professor, if I want to realize that, to get all of that, English is needed finely. so, i have to learn English.
English is important  .

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